Customer Feedback


"My epiphone double-neck did not sound right when the volume was turned down. The Guitar Klinic diagnosed that the wiring was incorrect from manufacture. They re-wired the guitar and now it sounds awesome ! A good professional service."
Andew Jones, Bath.

"I've taken my guitar to so called reputable guitar techs, only to be disappointed by their work. I recently had my Jackson Kelly 7 string repaired, a new pickup fitted and set-up by the guitar klinic, and it now plays great."
Chris, from Ultimate Trigger Mechanism

"I thought my guitar had had it, but now it's playable again. A very professional job and at such a reasonable cost."
Collin Claus, from
Covergirl and Streetmagic.

"This guy comes with a personal recommendation from yours truly. There ain't a problem he can't fix, his workmanship is of an exceptional standard and he will make the unplayable sing. Trust me, take your knackered old axe up to him and receive back a beautiful instrument. Or just get your splendid machine back up to it's best. Take, for instance, my blue Aria which had been 'mended' by two seperate shops including "<censored>Guitars" in Bath, and yet still, maddeningly, had the same fault. He scratched his head poked about a bit and then spotted what the others had missed and presto - perfect guitar. My old red Aria had a problem which had also been 'fixed'. He not only repaired it properly but also put right the pigs ear bodge (which I saw) that passed for a repair in the other place." Stew Black, Midsomer Norton Click to see full article

"I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and have got used to the varying degrees of service given by guitar techs. Mostly your guitar is returned with little difference to when it was left on the counter and I suspect in some cases that the work carried out is probably within my own experience to undertake but in all cases I wouldn't dare to charge the outrageous prices that I have been subject to in the past. I discovered the Guitar Klinic whilst on the internet and thought I would give him a try. I left him my Les Paul Standard which was all gigged out and very tired and he returned it with a new lease of life at a very reasonable price. Now confident, I gave him my Les Paul Supreme that had not received a set up since being imported and again he worked wonders. I cannot recommend him enough, he's a working guitarist who understands what you want and delivers at a sensible price. Great service." David Bell, Hants